FitBit Surge & why you should buy a smartwatch


As a tech geek people often assume I always have the latest gear but when it came to smart watches, I was slow on the uptake, as is most of the population appear to be when you glance around the coffee shops and workplaces.

There seemed something unnecessary in having notifications sent to your wrist when you had them in your pocket, it seemed over the top and doomed to be pulled from production like Google Glass. I didn’t feel prepared to wear something I perceived as a bit garish. I wore trainers with flashing lights as a kid and to me they were the same. I only need to know the time right? And my phone takes care of that as well.

But then I was bought a FitBit Surge as a gift I was surprised how good it was. The immediate benefit I noticed was that, as a runner, I no longer needed to lug my phone around with me to monitor my runs. Win. I no longer had music, but I no longer had a very expensive phone strapped to my arm as I ran through muddy country parks. Also, the stats and feedback from your exercise are at least as good as Nike+, if not better.


Secondly I became obsessed with checking my heart rate and sleep patterns! I’ve calmed down now, but when I realised I was waking up multiple times throughout the night I invested in some black out curtains and some ear plugs and I now have a much better sleep. I feel fresher and able to concentrate for longer. That’s a tangible improvement in my life brought to my attention by FitBit.

I had it turned off at first, but having accidentally left my Bluetooth on one day I began receiving my messages on my watch and I was amazed at how useful it is to not have to pull your phone out for a mundane message I wasn’t going to reply to right away anyway.


So having been converted to the idea of a smart watch, I find myself thinking about the benefits of receiving other data to my wrist such as news, football scores, directions, reminders, calenders etc. FitBit does fitness brilliantly, but there are a ton of other things that it would be more beneficial to receive on my wrist. So now I find myself dreaming of a more rounded smart watch like Samsung Gear or Apple Watch that offer these additional services. (On a side note, as a frequent user of Apple Pay I can see how even more useful it would be paying with a flick of the wrist).

The point is, if I hadn’t been bought one I would have continued to shun them as ‘a bit much’ (in both a fashion and monetary sense) . But now I am converted, I wonder how the masses will be converted. It will take a push, something to kick start the craze because right now demand feels lukewarm and it really shouldn’t be.





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