Google Spaces

At present I am studying for my exams and beginning to think about my MSc project. One thing that could work better in my study schedule is the ability to save links and thoughts in one place.

When I come across an article I wanted to read later I’d either save the link to a bookmarks folder or save it to read later on my phone. Read later is a great feature for general articles but when working on subjects, assignments and projects I need a ‘space’ to be able to save all that stuff by subject.

And that’s where Google Spaces have stepped in to save the day this week. No longer do I have to scroll through links trying to remember what they were about from their title, I can now save them to a subject specific space and add a description. Further more I can invite people working in the same area to save interest articles and thoughts.

I’ve seen Google criticised this week for still ‘not getting social’, but I don’t see it as social platform. It helps me stay organised and ultimately become more productive. The fact I can invite people to one of my spaces is a helpful additional feature but not my main reason for use.

Personal organisation, for students and small teams at work, I think it really works.

P.S. if you use Chrome, get the handy Spaces extension to add links to your Space directly from the browser.



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