Google’s win over Oracle a win for developers

I breathed a sigh of relief along with the rest of the development community last week when Google was judged to have used Java API’s fairly in Android.

To me, Java is a language, and suing Google for it’s use is like académie Française suing me for deciding I am going to use French in the office. OK, that’s not a direct comparison. Oracle owns Java, and Java is developed by a team. But. The fact Google decided to base Android on Java is great for Java.

In an increasingly mobile, application based world, Oracle should, in my opinion, be championing Google’s use of Java and work with them to maintain Java’s relevance in this area. All that Oracle have done is soured the relationship and pushed Google to move towards Swift.

Oracle have said that they are going to appeal the decision. From a developers point of view I just think, for the love of Java and the community, let it go.



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