Apple are about to invade your home

I’m very excited by the news that Apple are going to be releasing an app called Home in iOS 10. With interoperability a big issue in the Internet of Things, Apple appears to be opening up allowing developers to integrate Siri as well as work with the HomeKit framework to deliver home automation.

Of course the HomeKit platform as been around for a couple of years, but by announcing a Home app that allows control of your smart home, a whole lot of products are going to be controllable in one application. are already great at this, but outside the realm of techies it’s virtually unheard of.

What Apple will do is design a great app, make it really simple to use and put home automation in the hands of millions of people. And now with Apple announcing that almost 100 new compatible products are on their way that will no longer be an issue.

Couple this news that Google Home is also on the horizon, and it feels like smarthomes are about to come to a neighbourhood near you.


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