MSc Project: Smartwatch Control of the Home

For my Masters project I researched the viability of producing a smartwatch application designed to control various functions of the home. I also wanted to produce a companion smartphone app along with a web app to produce a product that users could user from any device. This was challenging because these were all written in different languages.

The smartwatch was developed using JavaScript, HTML and & CSS with Samsung’s Tizen platform. The Android smartphone app was developed with Android Java in Android Studio and the web app was developed using HTML, Java and CSS and published to Google’s App Engine.

In addition I had to produce a smart home hub that could act as a gateway to the lights, sound systems and other home appliances. The hub was developed on the Raspberry Pi and written in Java allowing all 3 apps to connect and control the home.


The really interesting part of this project for me was using MQTT over HTTP requests. The benefit of MQTT is that it is significantly more lightweight which has advantages in higher latency, smaller packets and extended battery life which are all essential to the smart home, especially when producing these systems at scale.

To simulate the smart home I used Phidgets which allow you to measure things like temperature, speed and sound while allowing you to control motors and LED’s.


I named the project Watchai because it is centred around a smartwatch, and the eyes watch the home. Watchai. Get it? No.. ok…

Here is a playlist of videos of me demonstrating the project with Lego.

Source code

Watch App
Phone App
Web App
Raspberry Pi Hub


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