I’ve been working on my website

Hey folks,

It’s been uber quiet around here lately and that’s because I’ve been quietly working away on my website. This current website it just a WordPress site and as lovely as it is, as a web developer I thought it only right I create my own website from scratch if for no other reason than to showcase my skills.

I have used Angular 4 to create a rich web app, though in reality this was over the top for a simple blog and show off website, I wanted to work with Angular for the experience.

For the data I’m using Node API’s built on Express, this will allow me to plug my projects, skills or blog onto any other website should anyone be interested enough to do so. Again, I could have hard coded them but working with the technologies for experiences sake was good fun for me.

I’ve used HTML5 and the lovely video feature for a moving home page and the progress tag to indiciate my skill levels in various technologies. The Angular form for contacting me is also looking pretty cool.

It starting to come together, only 2 major features are left in order to release the beta website; project details pages and my blog page, so I aim to go live Saturday 1st July 🥂.

P.S here’s a sneak peek…


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