Sorry I’ve been quiet, I’ve been working on my website

Hey folks, It’s been uber quiet around here lately and that’s because I’ve been quietly working away on my website. This current website it just a WordPress site and as lovely as it is, as a web developer I thought it only right I create my own website from scratch if for no other reason […]

Olympics App (MEAN)

Following a screencast on CodeSchool I built a web app using the MEAN stack. The MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js which are 4 core technologies that, together, allow you to create clean, flexible and scaleable web apps using JavaScript. In this project I created a medals table for two sports; Cycling and Weightlifting. Users […]

The Beautiful Node.js

I’ve been using Node A LOT in the past couple of months. And I love it! Being able to create APIs and write server side code in JavaScript is actually quite beautiful. The Node package manager (NPM) is a breath of fresh air and when using Visual Studio Code it really gives you the feeling […]

Apple are about to invade your home

I’m very excited by the news that Apple are going to be releasing an app called Home in iOS 10. With interoperability a big issue in the Internet of Things, Apple appears to be opening up allowing developers to integrate Siri as well as work with the HomeKit framework to deliver home automation. Of course the […]