I’ve been working on my website

Hey folks, It’s been uber quiet around here lately and that’s because I’ve been quietly working away on my website. This current website it just a WordPress site and as lovely as it is, as a web developer I thought it only right I create my own website from scratch if for no other reason […]

Olympics App (MEAN)

Following a screencast on CodeSchool I built a web app using the MEAN stack. The MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js which are 4 core technologies that, together, allow you to create clean, flexible and scaleable web apps using JavaScript. In this project I created a medals table for two sports; Cycling and Weightlifting. Users […]

The Beautiful Node.js

I’ve been using Node A LOT in the past couple of months. And I love it! Being able to create APIs and write server side code in JavaScript is actually quite beautiful. The Node package manager (NPM) is a breath of fresh air and when using Visual Studio Code it really gives you the feeling […]

MSc Project: Smartwatch Control of the Home

For my Masters project I researched the viability of producing a smartwatch application designed to control various functions of the home. I also wanted to produce a companion smartphone app along with a web app to produce a product that users could user from any device. This was challenging because these were all written in […]