Restaurant Hygiene Rating Application

I wrote this application as part of an assignment back in March (2016) using the Android SDK and Google Maps API. All restaurants in the UK are hygiene rated, this application allows users to search the database based upon the restaurants name, its postcode or the users location (obtained by GPS). Alternatively the user can […]

Smartwatch control of home

I am currently working with a Samsung Gear to develop applications for the smartwatch, a smartphone (Note 3) along with a web server to handle the data and make smart decisions. I’ll be using a Phidgets sensor kit to monitor the environment. The apps will allow users to control their lighting, music, temperature and locks […]

Google’s win over Oracle a win for developers

I breathed a sigh of relief along with the rest of the development community last week when Google was judged to have used Java API’s fairly in Android. To me, Java is a language, and suing Google for it’s use is like académie Française suing me for deciding I am going to use French in the […]

Google Spaces

At present I am studying for my exams and beginning to think about my MSc project. One thing that could work better in my study schedule is the ability to save links and thoughts in one place. When I come across an article I wanted to read later I’d either save the link to a bookmarks folder or save […]

True wireless charging & the Internet of Things

This is an interesting article about embedding wireless chargers into anything from bus seats, back packs, sofas, restaurant tables… Literally anything. If develpment is successful it will mean that we never have to worry about battery life again. Your phone could automatically charge from any point as you go about your day.  This could be the […]

RFID reader connected to a database

In this project I wanted to demonstrate how tags could be used to grant or deny access to a building. Here, I connected to a MySQL database and wrote a program (in Java) to record data such as user name of the card holder (or in this case tile, button, disk and nail holder) which […]

FitBit Surge & why you should buy a smartwatch

  As a tech geek people often assume I always have the latest gear but when it came to smart watches, I was slow on the uptake, as is most of the population appear to be when you glance around the coffee shops and workplaces. There seemed something unnecessary in having notifications sent to your […]