Olympics App (MEAN)

Following a screencast on CodeSchool I built a web app using the MEAN stack. The MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js which are 4 core technologies that, together, allow you to create clean, flexible and scaleable web apps using JavaScript. In this project I created a medals table for two sports; Cycling and Weightlifting. Users […]

Smartwatch Control of Environment

Smartwatches are largely seen as smartphone companions, extending the use of the phone. I think this is why sales have been lukewarm in all but one area: fitness. I think that if a smartwatch provided different functionality to the phone, or was more effective in providing a service, then they would become more popular. I […]

Android Restaurant Hygiene Rating App

I wrote this application as part of an assignment back in March (2016) using the Android SDK and Google Maps API. All restaurants in the UK are hygiene rated, this application allows users to search the database based upon the restaurants name, its postcode or the users location (obtained by GPS). Alternatively the user can […]

RFID reader connected to a remote database

In this project I wanted to demonstrate how tags could be used to grant or deny access to a building. Here, I connected to a MySQL database and wrote a program (in Java) to record data such as user name of the card holder (or in this case tile, button, disk and nail holder) which […]

Enterprise Programming: Web Service

The aim of this project was to create a web service that allows users to get and post data to a database in a variety of formats such as JSON, XML and plain text.