RFID reader connected to a remote database

In this project I wanted to demonstrate how tags could be used to grant or deny access to a building. Here, I connected to a MySQL database and wrote a program (in Java) to record data such as user name of the card holder (or in this case tile, button, disk and nail holder) which each have unique SensorValue’s which can be used to grant or deny access to somebody.

Many people already use this kind of technology to gain access to offices or car parks and that is why I have used this example. I would be interested in implementing this in the home with smartlocks. Through the database connection it would allow users to grant or deny someone access temporarily, for example, if you lived in an apartment you could use an app to let a deliver man in. It could also allow you to check you have locked your door, but in terms of the program as it is it would allow you to see who has come and gone while you’ve been out.

I am also thinking about a smart cupboard containing sweets that only allows access at certain times of the day to aid weight loss. Of course, that wouldn’t stop you taking everything out of the cupboard during your slot, but an interesting project non-the-less.

Security is an issue, I was able to copy the key fob to my building easily (although I can confirm that your bank cards are not vulnerable!) but for this to be plausible in with smart locks the information would need to be encrypted.


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